We’ve all heard the popular narrative about college students. 

You’ve come across the statistics about the overwhelmingly large number of them who leave their faith at home with their parents, while they venture out into the “real world.” You’ve probably even heard about drug dealers, liquor stores and club owners who target them with “college specials” and “college night." It’s no secret — everyone wants a piece of these students in order to profit from them.

What role should the church play in the life of college students? Whose responsibility is it to love and serve them? Is the “popular” and “publicized" narrative really true? Does the church exist in the wild? How can we be a blessing to college students next door to us, on the pew behind us or on the campus near us?

This was the last of four workshops presented at Legacy Conference 2016 for the Urban Missionary Track.

Registration has begun for the 11th annual Legacy Conference in Chicago, Illinois from July 20-22, 2017. Ministers will include KB, Jackie Hill Perry, Dhati Lewis and Charlie Dates. Register here.