All four of Legacy Conference's workshops from its 2016 Community Development Track are available to stream here on

Not Another Peace Rally

This session will focus on understanding what is happening at the heart of the violence and what meaningful response is available to us as Christian people. Joel Hamernick will lead the discussion to explore the roots of violence among our youth and how this relates to the roles that they can and should play as members of our communities.

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An Oppressive Criminal Justice System

The workshop will also discuss real life present day cases that demonstrate the vast amounts of discretion that authorities in the criminal justice system hold and how that discretion has been exercised with obvious racism. Our presenter will also cover what the Lawndale Christian Legal Center does to combat these realities.

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Unordinary Discipleship

This workshop explores how Christians can evangelize and make disciples in not-so-ideal settings. Attendees will get an interactive session focused on truly obeying the Great Commission, regardless of locale.

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Ministry on the Block

Many people consider their home as being their place of refuge from a busy world. But how can your home become a refuge for others? How can you use your home as a base of ministry to your block?

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