All four of Legacy Conference's workshops from its 2016 Faith and Justice Track, sponsored by RAAN, are available to stream here on

A Biblical Basis for Social Justice

In this workshop, Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. will explore the biblical basis for social justice. Looking especially at the Old Testament, we will see how God is concerned not only for one's individual salvation, but also for the the good of society as a whole.

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Putting Social Justice in Historical Context

This workshop explores how a greater awareness of historical realities helps Christians unpack and respond to racially-charged incidents today. We will take a brief survey of U.S. racial history with stops in the Colonial Period, the Antebellum Period, the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights era. We will end with an analysis of current events from Ferguson to Confederate flag controversy.

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The Persevering Church

Through storytelling and song, K.A. Ellis brings history and theology to life as she shares stories from the global persevering church, explores what Western Christians can learn from those around the world who live without justice daily and contrasts approaches to freedom based on God’s character with other types of activism that also pursue justice.

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Orthodox Activism: Notes From the Field

Michelle Higgins stands as a Christian who has put feet to her faith and paid a high cost for it. Listen to lessons she has learned from marching with protesters in Ferguson and working to build bridges between faith communities and civic organizations in St. Louis.

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