Prayer meetings, marches, protests and demanding resources to "fix everything in the community" or strategies to "get them before they are teens" are all proposed ways to address urban violence. And none of them are working.

This session will focus on understanding what is happening at the heart of the violence and what meaningful response is available to us as Christian people. Joel Hamernick will lead the discussion to explore the roots of violence among our youth and how this relates to the roles that they can and should play as members of our communities.

Additionally, the roles of other community stakeholders and law enforcement will be explored. In the midst of these considerations, we can find a place for the work of God's people as we repent of our own cowardice and self-aggrandizement and embrace our calling to be agents of reconciliation.

This was the first of four workshops presented at Legacy Conference 2016 for the Community Development Track.

Photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue.