Are you willing to go to jail for your beliefs about justice and the gospel? Are you willing to risk your reputation on a national level to stand with those who are marginalized? How do we move from "hashtag activism" to real-world action?

Michelle Higgins stands as a Christian who has put feet to her faith and paid a high cost for it. Listen to lessons she has learned from marching with protesters in Ferguson and working to build bridges between faith communities and civic organizations in St. Louis.

She will also unpack her experiences standing with Black Lives Matter at Urbana 2016 and the tumult that followed. In this seminar, you will be challenged not just to talk about justice, but also to put your faith in action and take risks for the sake of the Gospel.

This was the last of four workshops presented at Legacy Conference 2016 for the Faith and Justice Track, sponsored by RAAN.

Photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue.