Are you a spoken word artist? Are you seeking to grow in your gift? If so, The Legacy seeks to identify and invest in upcoming artists and has an opportunity for you!

Record a 3-5 minute video of your original poem. Upload the video to Youtube by June 9th. Tweet your video with the following wording: "Check out my Poetry SLAM entry for @LegacyDisciple | (youtube link)". Encourage your friends to "like" your YouTube entry. The quality of the recording is not important so feel free to use your phone to record. But we will be taking into account presentation, content and amount of "likes". Be sure to give it your all! Drop us an email at with your video link just in case we happen to miss it via Twitter. 

8 contestants will be selected by Friday, June 16th to participate in Legacy's Poetry SLAM.  

*There will be no Writer's Lab (Google Hangout Courses) this year.  

Each of the 8 Contestants Will Receive:

1) Complimentary registration to The Legacy Conference. (The contestants will be responsible for their own expenses to The Legacy Conference including travel, housing and food. If you have already paid for a Legacy Conference registration, your registration can be transferred or refunded.)

2) An opportunity to compete in Friday afternoon's Poetry SLAM at The Legacy Conference to an audience of 300. Each of the 8 contestants will present their poem and will receive feedback from our panel of judges. (Scoring will be based off of content, creativity and performance. Points will be taken away if over 5 minutes.)

3) One winner will be selected to present their piece at Friday night's Storytellers at The Legacy Conference in front of an audience of 1,800.