We thank everyone that submitted an entry. This selection was a difficult one but we have the final eight contestants (in no particular order):

1) Montell Fish: Green Leaves

2) Jahmaol Clark: On the Go

3) Triple O: Started Again

4) Atiba Halisi: Sparks

5) AyyoMonielle: Random Thoughts

6) Joey Waters: Good Ones Die Daily

7) Jarry Manna: Shinobi Thoughts

8) Stitch Early: Wave

Each of the 8 Contestants Will Receive:

1) Complimentary registration to The Legacy Conference. (The contestants will be responsible for their own expenses to The Legacy Conference including travel, housing and food. If you have already paid for a Legacy Conference registration, your registration can be transferred or refunded.)

2) An opportunity to compete in Friday afternoon's Rap Showcase at The Legacy Conference to an audience of 300. Each of the 8 contestants will perform their song and will receive feedback from our panel of judges. (Scoring will be based off of content, creativity and performance. Points will be taken away if over 5 minutes.)

3) One winner will be selected to present to perform on the Rapzilla.com Stage at Saturday's Legacy Fest. 

If you are one of the finalists, stay posted for an email from us in the next couple days.