The Legacy Conference serves to equip those serious about making disciples with biblically-based tools to go out into the world to preach the Gospel of Christ. We have chosen to provide Legacy LA attendees with an array of 90 minute workshops on various different topics. Pray and look over the various workshops prior to coming to Legacy LA. Our hope is that you will walk away equipped as a disciple of Christ.

Morning Workshops


Leading Worship as Spiritual Formation

Presenter: Sam Hart

Location: Metzger Board Dining Room

Track Description: et's explore the roles, the disciplines, and the methods which together help cultivate communities of authentic worshippers.



Presenter: Susie Gamez

Location: Rose 101

Track Description: Asian people are often categorized as the “model minority.” Ironically (or not), they also often slide under the radar as the “invisible minority.” SIXTY percent of the world’s population is Asian, but many Asian Americans feel like they have no voice nor influence in the work of racial reconciliation… or perhaps they have not been invited. Come learn how we can awaken the sleeping giant together!



Presenter: Miguel Martinez

Location: Rose 002

Workshop Description: Social Media is the printing press of our time. It is currently the most influential form of communication. Christian history has always embraced the content carrying medium of its day: Word of mouth, writing (Epistles and Gospels), print, radio, and television. So how can Christians take advantage of social media? How are we to use this new medium to carry the gospel? This workshop will take you through the various social media hubs online, in order to understand how they work and what effective use of the channels looks like. Memes, videos, cartoons, image macros can all be used to convey the most important message of all.  


More We and Not Me!

Presenter: Ben Shin

Location: Myers 109

Track Description: Leadership is a crucial part of any church, corporation, nation, or organization. But what structure and style would best accomplish the mission of a group and be the most God honoring at the same time? This workshop will discuss the rationale, advantages, and Biblical prescription for plurality leadership by a team rather than the singular, autocratic style of leadership which often characterizes churches and other Christian organizations.


When the rubber meets the road in diverse urban settings

Presenter: Tommy Forester

Location: Talbot East 108

Track Description: In many urban contexts today, there are complex dynamics of diversity that often alienate communities from one another. During this time, we will zoom into how God uses diverse and complex urban settings to chisel us to be more like Christ along the road of comprehensive discipleship. Without paying attention to the tensions and differences, we may miss out on an opportunity to grow in comprehensive discipleship and exhibit the glory of Christ in and through the church.


social justice from a biblical viewpoint

Presenter: Kenneth Tillman

Location: Business 103

Track Description: With the past and present realities of social injustices, there are clear biblical responses that we as Christian's are to have. We are not to avoid them nor be inactive. Attendees will walk away from this workshop more equipped with addressing social injustices in a manner befitting to the gospel of Christ. 


urban discipleship in everyday life

Presenter: Rudy Rubio

Location: Myers 102

Track Description: Discipleship is always mentioned, encouraged, and sought out but many don't know how to make this happen in every day life. We can get busy with work, family, school, kids sports, and church ministries and miss great opportunities for discipleship. In this workshop we'll talk about how to identify the people, the places, and the how to go about biblical discipleship in the midst of our busy lives.



Presenter: Fred Sanders

Location: Talbot East 007

Workshop Description: This workshop will be an introduction to Christology, the doctrine of who Jesus Christ is. We will learn how to use a helpful theological tool (The Chalcedonian Box) to identify the true Jesus and avoid counterfeits. You can't understand what Jesus does unless you understand who He is.  


abortion shame breaks more than her

Presenter: Talitha Phillips

Location: Metzger Board Conference Room

Workshop Description: 1 in 3 women in our churches and our communities have experienced an abortion. But this isn't just a women's issue. Men and extended family members are often deeply impacted as well. Learn through personal story how to address and respond to the secret shame that resides in the hearts of many of those around us and create a healing atmosphere that embraces all affected by the pain of abortion.



Presenter: Erika Jones

Location: Rose 106

Workshop Description: The world of education in the metropolitan centers of America is a strategic missional place for thoughtful Christians to serve alongside urban churches committed to the good of the gospel in the city. In this seminar, a credentialed California teacher, Erika Jones, will offer a survey of the history of racial segregation in American schools, the demise of cities in the aftermath of Brown v. Board of education, and the need for churches to offer corporate repentance for the failure of loving and engaging schools. Erika will offer a practical vision/calling for believers to view schools as mission-critical centers for gospel flourishing in the urban context. The talk will include a panel of local credentialed teachers from Erika’s own local church, who will share about using their positions in education as urban missionaries.



Presenter: Derek Clark

Location: Business 109

Workshop Description: In church circles it is commonplace to hear Christian leaders speak of a time when they “received” their “calling” to ministry or missions. Often, in concluding this to be God’s will for their lives, they will describe some combination of their own interest, their “spiritual gift” sometimes determined by a “spiritual gifts test,” the suggestion of an influential church leader, a host of circumstances, and perhaps a settled “peace” they have in their hearts about it. It is less common in church circles to hear a Christian speak of his/her “calling” to be a plumber, mechanic, retail worker, bus driver, street sweeper, or security guard, for example. These folks don’t often talk in the language of how they determined it was God’s will for them to take that job. Since God obviously does not “call” everyone to vocational pastoral ministry or missions, this concept can lead a bifurcation in the body of Christ between those who are “called” and those who just “have a job.” How do I know whether it is God’s will for me to select this college, this major, this job, this career? How do I know where God wants me to live? Who he has selected as my mate? In this workshop, we will explore the concept of “calling” under the umbrella of determining God’s will for my life.


Church Planting in America's Inner Cities – Why [should] we?

Presenter: Steve Ross

Location: Talbot East 107

Workshop Description: Is there a need to plant new churches in places like South LA or Southside Chicago, where there are already churches on every corner and even multiple on the same block? This workshop will discover why the answer is undoubtedly YES; and why, more than additional churches, we need to pray for, join, and lead movements modeled after the strategy of Jesus to reach our cities. Engage with us as we explore how issues like poverty, crime, and injustice pave a way for gospel advancement –that leads to people being transformed and rising as Kingdom laborers in their own communities.

Afternoon Workshops




Presenter: Kim Kira

Location: Rose 106

Workshop Description: Because we live in a fallen world, suffering is inevitable and so developing a theology of suffering is crucial to joyfully enduring our own difficulties as well as helping others who are struggling. We must understand well how our story fits into the bigger story of the Gospel and that God is using the storms of life to do a redemptive work in us for our good and His glory. When we understand and trust those truths, we will be able to persevere with joy and help others do the same.



Presenter: Robert Scott

Location: Business 109

Workshop Description: Smoking and selling marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states across the United States, but does that answer the question, “Can Christians morally use or distribute it?” This workshop will establish biblical guidelines to answer these and related questions.


Christian art in a post-Christian world

Presenter: Odd Thomas

Location: Talbot East 007

Workshop Description: How does the distinctively Christian artist create good art that engages an anti-god world? We will talk through the challenges that artists face to make creative works that compete in the marketplace, that is evangelistically compelling, and that is aesthetically pleasing to God, the artist, and the post-Christian world. We will discuss music and ministry philosophy, sacred vs. secular debate and examine the “Christian Artist” / "Artist that is Christian" Dichotomy.



Presenter: Darin Earley

Location: Metzger Board Conference Room

Workshop Description: This workshop will focus on equipping believers to develop cultural competency and understand the different contexts wherein others live out their faith. This workshop will provide strategies that support the development of authentic relationships that are grounded in the unity we have in Christ via gospel living. In turn, we hope to provide a platform that discusses and addresses the socio-cultural issues relating race and class in our churches and communities.


have you given up on your city? 

Presenter: Paul Taylor

Location: Talbot East 107

Workshop Description: Are you frustrated and grieved over the state of your city? Does it seem as if there is nothing that can be done to change the hearts of the people living in your neighborhoods? Can a whole city really be changed? Do you care if people in your city find Jesus or not? Attend this workshop as we look at the mission God gave to Jonah and the mission given to us, to declare the truth of God to dark idol-worshipping cities.


Empowering the Poor and Incarcerated

Presenter: Efrem Smith

Location: Myers 109

Workshop Description: This workshop will provide a practical theology and ministry models for ministry among the urban poor and the incarcerated. Insights will be based on the 40 plus years of the urban missions’ work of World Impact in cities across the country and Efrem Smith’s 25 years of urban ministry experience. Ministry models will include evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and hip hop ministry development.


3d discipleship 

Presenter: Pete Contreras

Location: Talbot East 108

Workshop Description: We were created to be 3D body, soul and spirit. With 40% of our families in single parent homes, how do we raise up the next generation of young people? This workshop will cover a theological and methodological approach to discipling urban students holistically.


reading the Bible with effect

Presenter: Alex Montoya

Location: Myers 102

Workshop Description: The Word of God is to be read with effect on our daily lives. This isn't always the case or a new struggle. James even challenged the believers of his day to be more  than hearers of the Word or merely Bible students, but doers. During this workshop, we will do a study on James 1:19-25 on how to read the Bible so that it impacts our lives. 


gospelize: How to Speak about Jesus in Everyday Conversations to Christians and Non-Christians

Presenter: PJ Tibayan

Location: Rose 101

Workshop Description: Have you ever deeply desired for someone to know and enjoy Jesus, but did not know how to speak about him in that moment? If you’re burning to help people feel Jesus’s strength and goodness after talking to you, then learn with us how to speak about Jesus in everyday conversations as we understand the gospel message, gospel identities, gospel rhythms, and gospel talking points. Learn to explain, enjoy, and embody Jesus to those you talk to so that you experience the joy of helping others follow Jesus.


Fatherhood and the Fatal Wound of Fatherlessness

Presenter: Troy McComas

Location: Rose 002

Workshop Description: Statistically speaking, 1 in 3 of us will grow up a product of fatherlessness, only to go on to become the problem of fatherlessness. That’s Troy’s story. In fact, that’s the story of many of those who have grown up within the inner-city. So how should the local church engage this issue? During this workshop, we’ll take a look at how fatherlessness has specifically impacted the urban core. We’ll examine the spiritual, relational, and socio-economic impact of fatherlessness, and discover how God, the Father to the fatherless, helps us to find redemption and restoration in our own story of fatherlessness. We’ll learn how to be fatherly shepherds who lead our communities in establishing a healthy image and identity of fatherhood while equipping the church to come alongside the fatherless to care for and to love them with the love of our heavenly Father.



Presenter: Matthew Jones

Location: Business 103

Workshop Description: In the racialized American context, with the dark shadow of the nefarious Transatlantic Slave Trade cast far and wide across our country, the question of slavery’s presence in the Bible is a critical one for Christians to comprehend. In the urban context, Christianity is attacked as the ‘white-man’s religion’ used to enslave and oppress. While slavery and the Jim Crow may seem long ago to some, the fact is subversive social infrastructures exist today that still perpetuate slavery’s impact in America, not to mention the reality of human trafficking and global slavery that is thriving—right now—around the world. Given these realities, there is an urgent need for Christians to understand what the Bible says about the evils of slavery and to apologetically present Scripture to hostile interlocutors, as well, to live it out. In this workshop, Dr. Jones (a pastor and research scholar) will offer a biblical theology of abolitionism from an anti-slavery hermeneutic to equip the believer for responsible action and apologetic defense.


creative Writing As a Spiritual Discipline

Presenter: Micah Bournes

Location: Metzger Board Dining Room

Workshop Description: During this workshop, Micah will address why writing is good for all of us, even those who don't consider themselves writers, and how to approach it in a way that enhances your spiritual life.