church in the city Track (Sponsored by: BLVD)

Location: Sweeting 233

Gospel Contextualization (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: John Onwuchekwa

Cities are strategic and under reached places for gospel ministry. The world is on its way to becoming 70% urban, and so our need for urban theological vision is greater now than it ever has been. As we define contextualization and the need for it, come learn and investigate how to practically contextualize the gospel in the dense and diverse cities of North America. 

City Vision (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenters: Ryan West and Dhati Lewis

Wrestling with the tension in the city and the call to the city? Come examine how the city develops as a theme through the Scriptures, the importance of City Vision from a Missional perspective and how to reach your city with the gospel, through this vision.

Cultural Engagement (Friday 10:30-12:15

Presenter: Jorge Mendoza

What is culture? How does culture impact the church? In what ways, if any, should the church seek to impact culture? Join the conversation on navigating through the various strengths and weaknesses of different models of engaging culture, while learning how we can uncover blind spots in our view of the bible and its truths.

Missional Living (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Dhati Lewis

What is the Missional Living? How can you equip people to reach their neighbors? Learning to immerse yourself in the questions, hopes, and beliefs of your neighborhood so you can give a biblical, gospel-centered response to its questions. Come learn practical tools on how to mobilize your core team to reach your neighbors

Community Development Track

Location: Sweeting 301

Not Another Peace Rally (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Joel Hamernick

Prayer meetings, marches, protests, and demanding resources to "fix everything in the community" or strategies to "get them before they are teens" are all proposed ways to address urban violence.  And none of them are working.  This session will focus on understanding what is happening at the heart of the violence and what meaningful response is available to us as Christian people.  Joel Hamernick will lead the discussion to explore the roots of violence among our youth and how this relates to the roles that they can and should play as members of our communities. Additionally the roles of other community stakeholders and law enforcement will be explored.  In the midst of these considerations we can find a place for the work of God's people as we repent of our own cowardice and self-aggrandizement and embrace our calling to be agents of reconciliation.

An Oppressive Criminal Justice System (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Cliff Nellis

We will discuss historical and current laws and policies that oppress minorities through the criminal justice system.  Working up to present day from the 13th Amendment abolition of slavery, through reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we will discuss the various strategies that have been used to oppress minorities through the criminal justice system.  The workshop will also discuss real life present day cases that demonstrate the vast amounts of discretion that authorities in the criminal justice system hold and how that discretion has been exercised with obvious racism.  Presenter will also cover what the Lawndale Christian Legal Center does to combat these realities.  

Unordinary Discipleship (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Carlos Borges

How does a disciple of Jesus minister in a work environment that is not conducive to, or even antagonistic against the Gospel? This workshop explores how Christians can evangelize and make disciples in not-so-ideal settings. Attendees will get an interactive session focused on truly obeying the Great Commission, regardless of locale.

Ministry on the Block (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Brian and Heidi Dye

We minister in our schools, work places, church facilities, and campus ministries, but do we often overlook our greatest mission field? Many people consider their home as being their place of refuge from a busy world. But how can your home become a refuge for others? How can you use your home as a base of ministry to your block? Whether you are single or married, come and hear ideas of how you can make an impact where you live.

Cultural Engagement Track

Location: Sweeting 219

Cultural Trends (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: TJ "Decipha" Morrissette

Understanding the Christian's place within a sexual revolution, Gender revolution and the racial cords that are trending in our society: how the trends of of society can directly coincide with or detract from the imago dei.

Engaging Culture with the Gospel (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Thomas Terry

What is culture and what are the world views that stand in opposition to biblical Christianity? What are we as Christians to do with culture? Are we to fight against it or are we to isolate from it? Are we responsible to create it or in what ways are we responsible to influence it? The answers to these questions will help us understand how to engage a post Christian culture with the historic truths of the Bible.

How Cities Change (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Jon Dennis

Is it possible to see God move widely in our cities?  What might it take?  Drawing on theological research in history and personal experience, Jon Dennis helps us to understand what it might take to help build gospel movements.  This seminar teaches a model of city-change and is geared towards leaders, full-time Christian workers, pastors and workers in mercy, church planting, cultural leadership and training.  

Urban Apologetics (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Thi'sl

The depictions of a “white Jesus” has become a stumbling block in the furthering of the Gospel in urban communities and we are paying the price. Many in the black community are leaving the church and are now turning to other cults and religions as a result. In the height of racial tensions, it is more important than ever to present Jesus in His proper context. We will also discuss what the black community found in their search for the new MLK and the rise of Hebrew Israelites.


Location: Sweeting 235

A Biblical Basis for Social Justice (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Carl Ellis, Jr. 

A common objection to social activism is that the church's mission is to evangelize the lost and not get involved in "worldly" affairs. Christians are to preach and teach the gospel and let believers go out into the world as individuals to work for good in their own spheres. While this is certainly true, other Christians have advocated for more public and widespread responses to injustice. Does the Bible command social activism? How do you demonstrate this from Scripture? In this workshop Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. will explore the biblical basis for social justice. Looking especially at the Old Testament, we will see how God is concerned not only for one's individual salvation but also for the the good of the society as a whole.

Putting Social Justice in Historical Context (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Jemar Tisby

The phrase "context is king" applies not only to biblical interpretation but also to race relations in the United States. It is impossible to understand present racial tensions without comprehending the history of racial conflict in this country. This workshop explores how a greater awareness of historical realities helps Christians unpack and respond to racially-charged incidents today. We will take a brief survey of U.S. racial history with stops in the Colonial Period, the Antebellum Period, the Jim Crow era, and the Civil Rights era. We will end with an analysis of current events from Ferguson to Confederate flag controversy. Through deeper understanding of U.S. history, Christians will be better equipped to love their neighbors across racial and ethnic lines.

The Persevering Church (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: K.A. Ellis

The Bible teaches that God is concerned with justice, but how do we live when justice remains elusive? What then becomes the goal? Moreover, how does God move when justice is absent in a society? Through story-telling and song, Mrs. Ellis brings history and theology to life as she shares stories from the global Persevering Church,explores what Western Christians can learn from those around the world who live without justice daily, and contrasts approaches to freedom based on God’s character with other types of activism that also pursue justice.

Orthodox Activism: Notes From the Field (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Michelle Higgins

Are you willing to go to jail for your beliefs about justice and the gospel? Are you willing to risk your reputation on a national level to stand with those who are marginalized? How do we move from "hashtag activism" to real-world action? Michelle Higgins stands a Christian who has put feet to her faith and paid a high cost for it. Listen to lessons she has learned from marching with protesters in Ferguson and working to build bridges between faith communities and civic organizations in St. Louis. She will also unpack her experiences standing with Black Lives Matter at Urbana 2016 and the tumult that followed. In this seminar you will be challenged not just to talk about justice but to put your faith in action and take risks for the sake of the gospel.


Location: Sweeting 349

Learning to Read the Bible Like Scholars (Thursday 10:30 AM- 12:15 PM) *Updated

Presenter: Bobby Scott

Have you ever come away from listening to one of your favorite Bible teachers in awe, asking yourself how did he see all of that in the text?!! This workshop will not only reveal their methods, but it will teach you how to study the Bible like they do. Come out and join us and learn to be a workman diligently handling the Word of truth with a scholar’s precision and insight.

Learning to Read the Bible Like Scholars Part 2 (Thursday 2:15 PM- 4:00 PM) *Updated

Presenter: Bobby Scott

The Bible is the Word of God, but it is also a book, and an amazing book it is. It is without parallel in literature. What poem is more majestic and timeless than the Shepherd’s Psalm (23)? What description of love is more beautiful than 1 Corinthians 13? What philosophical writing captures the essence of our struggles, needs, and hope as Paul’s letter to the Romans. This workshop will give you the Bible study method tools to mine the treasures of gold in the various genres of literature in the Bible.

Finding Jesus as the Hero of the Bible Story (Friday 10:30 AM- 12:15 PM)

Presenters: Jackson Crum

We too often separate the our teaching in the Old Testament from the New. The New is where the story of Jesus begins.  So we end up teaching the Old Testament in a moralistic way. The whole theme of the Bible is Jesus is exalted.  Learn how to see Jesus as the hero of every passage.  How the Gospel applies in whatever passage we may be teaching.

Essential Hermeneutic Tools (Friday 2:15-4:00)

Presenters: John Richards

You don't need a time machine to understand the historical context of a passage. And you don't need to be a Hebrew or Greek scholar for successful word studies. In this workshop, you'll learn to identify Ancient Near Eastern customs and First Century practices in biblical texts to help transform your study of Scripture. You'll also learn lexical aids that help you conduct fruitful word studies.

House Church track (Sponsored by: Legacy christian fellowship)

Location: Sweeting 204

The History of the Church in Homes (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Jon Skehan

The “House Church” is not only a viable model for gathering; it is also a necessary one. To lay the foundation for this case, we must have a thorough understanding of this movement’s history.  This workshop will move from God’s heart and mandate for “households”, to Jesus’ model of discipleship and Kingdom work, to the infant Church meeting “in their homes” (Acts 2:46), and then to the present day movement. Why did the Church begin meeting in homes? When and why was any other model introduced? How has God used the House Church model throughout history?

Debunking Myths Concerning the Church (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Lamar Simms and Kevin Gwin

Is the church a building of bricks or a community of people? Is the church a service for the believers or about the believers serving? Is the church optional attendance or essential engagement? Is the church about programs or people? Is the church led by a few exceptional leaders or led by a priesthood of believers? This workshop will unfold the false theories and beliefs concerning the church and attempt to paint the beauty of the church in all her glory.

Biblical Principles Lived Out (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Kevin Gwin and Lamar Simms

A community of faith must know one another in order to live out the biblical commands to love one another. We will explore how the house church is an exceptional catalyst for authentic biblical community that embraces the challenges of life together.

House Church Body Building (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Erick Correa

The conclusion of the house church track will deal with the anatomy of a biblical and viable model, in which house churches plant other house churches.  This happens because in the tight knit community of the house church environment, disciples will be making disciples in true life-on-life relationships.  The apostle Paul tells us in the letter to the Ephesians that, as the church, we are to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, “for the building up of the body of Christ…” (Eph 4:12). We will look at how this can happen, both principally and practically.  We will cover: Leadership structure, Leadership development, House church liturgy, Church family engagement, Community engagement, Teaching structure & rotation, Core team strategy, & Multiplication in hopes to fill the city … thus building up the body of Christ.

Leadership Track

Location: Sweeting 201

Pride, Ambition and their Toxicity to Ministry (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: David Lee

It is good to pursue progress and growth in ministry, but when does that cross the line into something toxic? When do we go from serving God to serving ourselves? When does leaving a legacy become about people remembering us and not our master? We will consider the Parable of the Talents and how a stewardship perspective on ministry can safeguard us against the corrosive power pride and ambition can have on those who do God’s work.

Is God Calling Me? (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Kempton Turner

Is God calling you into full-time vocational ministry?  How do you know if God wants you to be a pastor? How can you discern if God is calling you to plant a church? We'll look at what the bible has to say about ministry calling. Come with a prayerful heart to hear from God's word as we explore what it means to be "called".

The Glory of God in Our Obscurity (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Jimmy Needham

When it comes to our ministries, our careers and our callings, bigger is always better. But not in God's eyes. We'll explore the life of John the Baptist, Peter and others to discover the counterintuitive truth of that God is after more than big results.  He's after big obedience.

Being Innovative with Limited Resources (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Tommy "Urban D" Kyllonen

Churches in the city generally have more needs and less resources. This creates extra tension as we desire to do things in excellence, but we are limited. In this session we’ll look at several practical and creative ways to gain new funding and not stray from your mission.

Least of These Track

Location: Sweeting 234

Barbwire and Discipleship (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Corey Buchanan

Prison, Jail, and barbwire: scary words, aren't they? Many men and women in our communities have experienced the harsh reality of jails and prisons.  Learn how to make disciples of those who have been affected by the criminal justice system.

Diaspora Power: Immigration and the Church (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Chris Ophus and Luis "Paco" Amador

Do we build a wall? Do we send families back? Do we overlook laws being broken? Do our immigration laws need to be changed? These and other questions will be addressed during this workshop. But may there be even a greater question that needs to be asked, "Could immigrants be exactly what our American Church needs?" Much of the New Testament is written to a scattered Church, the Church on the move. Come hear about what God might be up to through the immigrant Church in our midst.  

S.O.S. "Saving Our Schools" (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Candace Obadina and Jonathan Brooks

We promise students that if they “Stay in school they will be equipped with the skills they need to achieve in life.”  Yet in some cities, 60-70% of public school students cannot read or do math at grade level.  This is a serious injustice that the church cannot overlook and thankfully has not overlooked. Often we hear about the magnitude of the problems. What if there was a workshop all about solutions?  Well, now there is. Come find out how Christians are engaging our public school system and how you can join in the dramatic changes happening in cities like Chicago, IL and Memphis, TN.  

Rethink Mercy (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Michael Yorke and Ryan Rumbley

In this session we will introduce a biblical framework for mercy ministry that helps us meet the needs of both body and soul. Many approaches to mercy ministry offer believers an opportunity to meet the physical needs of the people suffering around them. Although this is integral to the biblical mandate of loving our neighbors, ministry that ends with meeting physical needs misses the heart of the Mission of God. We are called to love God and our neighbors, and care for the orphans and widows; we are to make disciples of all nations by teaching them to obey all Christ commanded. The church can offer real hope to a hurting world through gospel-centered mercy ministry.


Location: Sweeting 218

The Four Generational Model for Disciple Making (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Roy "Soup" Campbell

Successful disciple making ministries understand the process and elements required for spiritual multiplication. One of the key issues is understanding what the ultimate objective is in disciple making and building people who are equipped to meet those objectives.

What Do You Do in Disciple Making? (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Daniel Baugh

Paul’s example in discipling the Philippian church offers a great example of what one does in discipling another person.

How Do You Focus on Others- His River Runs Through Us (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Daniel Baugh

In order to be successful in making disciples who multiply spiritually, we must learn to live our lives with a focus on the spiritual growth and development of others. Our Lord provides all we need to do this wherever He places us to serve, through his grace.

How Do You Start in Disciple Making? Q&A Session (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Roy "Soup" Campbell

Disciple making is not a program, but a lifestyle involving relationships that model the life of Christ for others to follow. This session will offer many suggestions about how to get started in making disciples with a focus on reaching the world through those disciples.


Location: Sweeting 317

Leading Through the Conflict (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Rich and Anna Perez

"The question isn't, 'will you have conflict?' The question is, 'will you come out strengthened on the other end of it?' Conflict has one of two outcomes: it destroys you or it grows you. In this workshop we'll share personal stories and biblical principles to help leverage conflict for the flourishing of your relationship.

Working Through the Past (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Json and Nicki Watson

So often we think of the past as a series of events that have little to no impact on who we are today and we do not realize that our past can have a severe effect on marriage, friendships, and personal well being. Our presenters will discuss how they discovered the trauma of their past and how they were able to work through the baggage together as a couple.

Building on Grace- Not Performance (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: BJ Thompson

Every marriage demands that we care for our spouse. Often times we end up building an identity around our spouse instead of Jesus. In this session we will discuss what it means to build a marriage on Jesus and not the performance of me or my spouse.

Panel on Dating, Marriage and Everything Else (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: BJ and Vanja Thompson, Json and Nicki Watson

Whether you're single, dating, engaged, or married, relationships can be extremely confusing. In this workshop we've assembled a diverse panel to answer your specific questions. Don't miss this epic Q&A!

Ministers Wives Track (Sponsored by: BLVD)

Location: Sweeting 205

Using Your House as a Weapon (Thursday 10:30-12:15)  *Updated

Presenter: Angie Lewis

For most people, the home is the biggest financial investment that they’ll ever make. The home can also be a place where people spend a good portion of their time. Why not use this investment as a tool to advance the kingdom? We will explore what it looks like to open your home to life on life discipleship and as a tool to expose the world to what a family on mission looks like. We will also address the struggles that this intentional living can bring.

Caring for the Pastor's Wife (Thursday 2:15-4:00)  *Updated

Presenter: Anna Perez

As a pastor’s wife, have you found yourself asking these questions: What is my role? Who are my friends? How can I be expected to shepherd anyone when I don’t feel equipped to do so? Come join us in this discussion as we work through how to properly care for the pastor’s wife. Learn how to shift your focus from desperately searching for a job description to thriving within the call that you’re living out.

Raising Your Kids in the City (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Missie Branch

Some parents may feel like the safest place to raise their kids are behind picket fences and acres of green grass. But for most of us in the city, that is not our reality. Join us as we explore how we can use our city as a wealth of knowledge and experience in raising our kids. From getting creative on the sidewalk with our neighbors, to on the spot discipleship, the city can be a greater back yard than we imagine, when we walk alongside our kids in it.

The Wife in Ministry: Panel Discussion (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Panelists: Anna Perez, Angie Lewis, Elicia Horton, Missie Branch and Cristina Mineo

Come journey with these wives in ministry, share in their experiences, and ask questions you’ve always wanted answered.  

People of god track

Location: ASC2 Fellowship Hall (Vendor Area)

Loving the Church When It Hurts (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Jackie Hill Perry

The bride of Christ is glorious and beautiful because of its head -- but it's far from perfect yet. Members can lash out on other members through division, gossip, fallen leadership, manipulative practices, or the like. How are we, as members of Christ's body, to respond to his bride when we have been hurt deeply by her? And how can all of us show compassion to those who have had different, and sometimes harder, experiences than we have? This workshop will help us ask and answer these questions -- and in the process love the church even more wisely and deeply.

Perseverance of the Saints and Community (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Joseph Solomon

Apostasy, or the leaving of the Christian faith, is seen all around us. From well-known Christians in the spotlight to Christians we know well in our local churches, the falling away of those we knew to proudly profess the truths of Christ is disheartening. How do we minister to those who seem to be drifting away from Jesus? Furthermore, how do we persevere in the faith once handed down to us?

Finding a Better Church Without Leaving (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Thabiti Anyabwile

The Lord requires us to live out the faith in the membership of a local body of believers. But that’s not always easy. Sometimes churches hit hard seasons. Sometimes church members go through changes. And it can be tempting to “look for a better church” when hard times or imperfections arise. That may not be the answer. Sometimes the best way to “find a better church” is to stay at the one you have. This workshop explores why and suggests some strategies for people who love their church and want to see it grow through its pains and problems.

Prophetic Lament (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Soong-Chan Rah

The complex world of urban ministry requires a deeper approach and paradigm. Often, our perspective on urban ministry arises from a simplistic view of the city. This workshop examines the Biblical discipline of lament and engages in a theological exegesis of the book of Lamentations to draw out principles and practices that call for greater theological depth in urban ministry.

Preaching Track (Sponsored by: Cutting It Straight)

Location: Sweeting 345

How to Prepare a Biblical Sermon (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: HB Charles Jr. 

By definition, expository preaching explains what the text means by what it says, seeking to exhort the hearers to trust and obey the God-intended message of the text.  

Preaching to a Hip-Hop Generation (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Cameron Triggs

Biblical exposition must be contextual in order to reach its fullest potential for impact. How do we prepare sermons that exegete scripture and exegete our context? Attend this workshop for a balanced view  on contextualization and biblical exposition as we consider preaching Jesus to a Hip-Hop generation.

Missional Preaching (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Adron Robinson

God is a missional God and the church is called to join his mission. This workshop is designed to help you preach the missional nature of God in order to equip congregants to get off their seats and into the community to join God on his mission to reconcile the world unto himself.

From Text to Sermon (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Romell Williams

The track will be focused on teaching how to bridge the gap between hermeneutics and homiletics. The purpose of preaching, and the benefits of preaching will also be discussed during this time.

Race and Culture Track

Location: Sweeting 343

The History and Theology of the Black Church (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Walter Strickland

The story of the American church has been dominated by the perspectives and stories of the wealthy and powerful.  The danger of reducing the story of American Christianity to a single perspective is that it has trained everyone to believe that majority culture Christians have everything to teach minorities and nothing to learn.  This session tells the miraculous story of black Christianity and connects the dots between Phillis Wheatley, Richard Allan, Henry McNeal Turner, MLK, and James Cone with the hope of inspiring unity in the body of Christ, by learning how to tell each other’s stories.

Gospel and Race (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Derrick Puckett

In a world where our cities are getting more and more urban, dense with people and diverse, most of our churches are still homogenous in nature. The topic Gospel and Race has become something that has been pushed to headlines. In light of the past year, and as believers, we have to know how to approach the issue of the Gospel and Race. Are they to be approached separately or not? How should believers approach this conversation? Come out and see.

Cross Cultural Engagement (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Kareem Manuel

As our desire to see disciples of ALL nations made grows and leads us we soon come face to face with a serious problem or wonderful opportunity. Our cultural norms and cues are different than others sometimes in our own neighborhood. Let's learn from a biblical perspective how all of you can be used by God to engage others in other cultures and how they can be used to bring you a greater appreciation for God’s handiwork.

Immigrants in Our Midst (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Brandon Rodriguez and Solomon Dixon

We are called by Jesus to make disciples of all nations. We live in a global moment in history, the epicenter of which is primarily in the urban context. As the church in the city we must steward this moment well as we desire to bring the nations into our joy by cultivating a heart like Jesus through biblical literacy, prayer, intimacy in community, and missional living.

Sex, Singleness and the Covenant Track

Location: Culbertson 1 Community Room

Beloved: God. Sex. Relationship. (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Eric Rivera

Our culture is in dire need of the Song of Solomon and what it has to say about singleness, sex, sexuality, God, marriage and the gospel. After all, the Song of Solomon helps provide answers to questions like: Who should I date? What kind of person does God want me to look for and be? How far is too far in dating? How do I rekindle the passion in marriage? What are healthy ways to communicate and resolve conflict? Should I expect love in my marriage to turn into a faint flicker over time? As important as these questions are, the Song of Solomon can be an intimidating book to read, let alone apply and teach! Its poetic images and ancient near eastern descriptions often get lost on modern ears. This workshop will give life to the poetry for our urban context and provide practical instruction from, and interpretive insight into, the Song of Solomon in ways that will help with preparing for marriage, counseling, teaching and preaching.

#WeAgainstTheWorld (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Damon and Elicia Horton

The people of God have long wrestled with engaging the culture around with in order to see maximum gospel-effectiveness. In our time together, we will work through how the Body of Christ can work together in our homes (marriage & family), community (local church), and mission field (where we live). The goal of our time together is to see the Body of Christ be mobilized to reduce lostness around us.

Innovate Your Singleness (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Natalie Lauren

Your singleness deserves vision & requires intentionality! It’s so worth dreaming about & thinking through. It’s not simply a season God expects you to tolerate but an opportunity to explore this world with unlimited freedom & endless risk. We have spent far too much time mourning what we should be maximizing. Singleness is a life worth living, NOW! The absence of a spouse doesn't have to mean the presence of pain and suffering. There's comfort in Christ and adventure in service if you give it a chance. Let’s gather to creatively invest our lives for the Glory of God & the Joy he's promised.

Let's Just Get Married... (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: CD & Melody Fabien

Are you tired of your relationships not going anywhere? Does waiting until marriage seem impossible? Do you ever wonder, "How would I know if he or she is the one?" In a sex-crazed world, pursuing a romantic relationship while maintaining purity isn't easy. Learn biblical, practical tips that'll keep Jesus in the center whether you're single, dating or married.


Location: Sweeting 319

Don't Give Up and Don't Give In (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Joe and Amy Uyeda

This session will address practical insights into developing and maintaining a God focused life. We are busy with church life, friends, parenting, work, family and relatives,  It is common to wonder how to balance all of these relational activities while keeping Jesus as our daily priority.  We invite you take a look at Biblical examples that God has given to guide us, as we discuss common questions about parenting, marriage, and battling the anti-Gospel culture.  We hope to be informative, interactive and encouraging

Healthy for Life (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Andy and Cristina Mineo

How do we make our way towards Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Relational & Emotional health throughout the course of life & not only when those areas are in crisis? Beyond music, I feel like my life's work is to help people develop meaningful relationships with themselves, others & God through living life on purpose in these areas.

Watching Ants, Grinding Fools, Meeting She Bears (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Eric Redmond

Decisions. Everyone must make them. But we often make decisions we regret. How do we rightly understand Proverbs, mine its riches, and develop the habit of gaining wisdom on every decision.

Abiding in Christ (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Joe Thorn

The Christian life is not one of moral change or doctrinal agreement; it is a vital union with Jesus Christ by faith. Abiding in Jesus (Jn. 15) is the life we are called to. But what does that mean, and how do we “abide" in our Savior in a practical sense? Pastor Joe will walk us through Jesus' words and the way of painting communion with him.


Location: Sweeting 211

The AND Campaign: A New Voice for the Urban Christian (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Justin Giboney and Kori Porter *Updated

The Founders of the AND Campaign will sit down and explain why there is a need for a new voice in politics and social justice. Too long has the urban Christian been swindled into partnering with parties that don’t have their best interest at heart. Justin and Sho will discuss how they believe AND is here to change that.

The Christian in Politics and Activism (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Carl and K.A. Ellis

Carl and Karen Ellis will address how political ideologies have changed over time and how that affects the Christian’s engagement. They will give historical foundations to why allegiances were built and how they were abused. Is there a voice for the urban Christian today? How do we view activism and political engagement from a Biblical foundation?

Changing the Narrative (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Ekemini Uwan and Sho Baraka *Updated

Are Black Christians being forced to take a stance that they don’t fully believe in? Why are we silent or intimidated to engage in the discussions that are happening on the political landscape?(Gender Identity, Women’s Rights, Respectability in Black community) How should the Christian engage in political and social tension today?

Q & A with the AND Campaign Team (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenters: Carl Ellis, Ekemini Uwan, K.A. Ellis, Kori Porter and Sho Baraka *Updated

The AND Team will lead a Q&A about Christian in politics, history, our current Presidential Election and more during this session.


Location: Sweeting 347

Substitutionary Atonement and the Resurrection of Jesus (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Jarvis Williams

This session will discuss substitutionary atonement and the resurrection of Jesus by looking at selected texts in the bible. The session will especially consider that Jesus' substitutionary death and his resurrection were necessary to achieve salvation for those for whom he died.

Justification by Faith Alone in Christ Alone and Repentance (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Victor Sholar

This session will discuss repentance and  justification by faith alone in Christ alone and through the lens of selected texts in the bible. This session will also define justification by faith, repentance, and discuss the importance of the imputation of Christ's righteousness for the doctrine of justification. The session will consider some practical ways justification brings assurance to the Christian.

Reconciliation with God (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Joseph Dicks

This session will discuss the saving benefit of reconciliation with God through Christ by looking at selected texts in the bible, and how the substitutionary death of Jesus,his resurrection and justification by faith intersect with reconciliation with God. A final element of this session will be to consider how the death of Jesus delivers sinners from the wrath of God by making the enemies of God his friends through Christ. Finally, the session will provide practical applications of this doctrine.

Sanctification (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Jarvis Williams

This session will focus on sanctification by discussing selected texts from the bible. It will discuss sanctification as both positional in Christ and progressive through Christ: the session will show that sanctification is a status that every Christian has before God by virtue of being united to Christ by faith, and that sanctification is divinely-enabled, Spirit-empowered obedience that must be intentionally pursued in Christ


Location: Sweeting 209

Reversing the George Jefferson Mentality (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Terrence Jones

It is deeply rooted in our subconscious that life should have an upward mobility to it. We pursue better jobs, better homes, and better neighborhoods as a marker of success. But is this the way of Jesus? Urban communities are crumbling partly because Christians are not fully engaging them with their lives. In this workshop we will exam the real and legitimate fears, dangers, challenges, highs, lows, joys and concerns of living in the inner city. You will hear first hand how my wife processes raising our family in the hood. We will consider these realities in light of God’s word. My wife and I can testify, “Jesus is worth it, and our communities desperately need to see Christians up close and in person.”

Mi Casa: Redeeming a Sense of Belonging (Thursday 2:15pm-4:00pm

Presenter: Rich Perez

City life is often complex, fast-paced and has very little margin of error. You either figure out how to exist in it quickly or you realize you’re not cut out for it. It requires intentionality and a unique perspective. We are accustomed to thinking of cities as places where we must build and maintain walls around ourselves for our physical, cultural, and spiritual protection just to survive—yet how can we offer the possibility of strengthening families and city communities by being open with each other? (based on faith and trust in God). In this session, we’ll explore how our stories and the story of our city both find their footing in Jesus and his good news.

Missional Action (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Darryl Williamson

Though the kingdom of God is a hidden kingdom, Christ’s Lordship and reign over his kingdom is current and active through the ministry efforts of his church. This session will show why the promised return of Christ to establish his visible rule is not the occasion for the church to be socially passive. She is to be the visible bridge between a fallen world and the promised kingdom, proclaiming the gospel while living out its redemptive promises in faith and in community within the broader culture.

Campus Ministry 101 (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Elbert McGowan

We’ve all heard the popular narrative about college students! You’ve come across the statistics about the overwhelmingly large number of them who leave their faith at home with their parents, while they venture out into the “real world.”  You’ve probably even heard about drug dealers, liquor stores, and club owners who target them with “college specials” and “college night!" It’s no secret - everyone wants a piece of these students, in order to profit from them. What role should the church play in the life of college students? Whose responsibility is it to love and serve them? Is the “popular” and “publicized" narrative really true? Does the church exist in the wild? How can we be a blessing to college students next door to us, on the pew behind us, or on the campus near us?

Womanhood Track

Location: Sweeting 328

Managing Affections and Attractions (Thursday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Itohan Omolere

If there is anything society tells us we're entitled to, it's a relationship. In the church, where we rightly esteem marriage, single status can feel like a liability, or burden. How can we be careful to not ascribe expectations on men who haven't expressed interest in us? How can we be intentional about placing an individual's value in the Imago Dei, embedded in their frame, and not whether they desire us or are desirable to us? Let's look together at God's design for women and men in community. As we work alongside each other for the building of His kingdom, through various forms of relationship, we can no longer ignore or feed the elephants. Let's discuss attraction, managing affections, and re-training our minds to uphold neighbor-love for men irrespective of their appeal to us.

Sisterhood (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Melody Fabien

There seems to be a stigma with female relationships. They sometimes can be complicated or frustrating. The lack of trust and resistance to get close to women can be stemming from a deeper root. God never intended this for His daughters. This workshop will help change your perspective on female relationships, friendships, and how to build a real sisterhood both biblically, practically, and centered in Jesus.

Woman to Woman: Embracing the "S" Word (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Erikah Rivera

Submission is the dreaded 'S' word many women are repulsed by or, find themselves frustrated with knowing how this practically works out as a wife. In this workshop we’ll learn how to become wise women who embrace God's design, and set a godly temperature of grace in our homes. A discerning woman chooses to align herself under the authority of Jesus, making biblical priorities her desire.

Living as Titus 2 Women in a Romans 1 World (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Kristie Anyabwile

We live in a world that is unabashedly opposed to biblical womanhood, dependence, and Christianity as a whole. This workshop will explore why it is so vitally important to live as Titus 2 women in this Romans 1 world and what this looks like in our personal relationships and local churches.

Worship Track (Sponsored by: Render)

Location: Sweeting 230

Worship Context: Culture & The Heart (Thursday 10:30-12:15)

Presenter: Muche Ukegbu

The way the world functions in systems and socially is not separate from the matters of the heart. It is important that we understand our hearts, what culture is and how to begin to speak to heart regarding true worship. Culture is a gospel conversation that should shape how we engage and build any gathering in our local churches

Developing Worship Leaders for Your Context (Thursday 2:15-4:00)

Presenters: Diamone Ukegbu

As we begin to understand the truth of man's heart and build a gospel lens for the culture around us, the next question should be, "What type of leader do I need for my city's culture and my church's vision and how do I develop them?" Let's begin this conversation past music genres, preferences and affinities and look at core elements that transcend any context for worship leaders in the new definition of urban in our cities.

Nuts & Bolts for Worship Leading (Friday 10:30-12:15)

Presenters: Diamone and Muche Ukegbu

The age old question in the American church is, "How do I get this all to work?". This session address hot topics for worship leading which include song selections, systems, processes and methods for making it work for you church and it's vision.

Songwriting For Your Context (Friday 2:15-4:00)

Presenters: Dee Wilson

Worship Leaders have the unique responsibility of fueling the church with songs that spur on the mission of the Gospel. To that end, I believe the most effective songs come from within the local expression. In this workshop, we will discuss how to sing about what God is doing in YOUR church. Bring your voice, a willingness to engage and some stories/sermon notes from your church.

Youth Track (Sponsored by: Streetlights)

Location: Alumni Auditorium

*This track requires one mentor for each five students. Each small group will pay $75. Students must be 14-18 years old, show evidence of being a believer, and desire to share the Gospel. Each mentor must be at least 21 years old, must remain with the students throughout the workshop track, and must be able to lead students in discussions and breakout sessions.

The Streetlights team is passionate about mobilizing and equipping young leaders to engage their world with Gospel truth by training them to internalize the Scriptures and live them out. The Streetlights Youth Track is done in a four multi-session approach and we will deeply explore the power of the Gospel, the need for passionate prayer, the call to intentionally pursue their peers and to persuade them with Jesus' Good News.

The Good News of God Revealed: G.O.S.P.E.L. (Thursday 10:30-12:15

Presenter: Esteban Shedd and Taelor Gray

Knowing what we have received through Christ and what we are called to share about Him is crucial to walking out our purpose as disciples. What is the Gospel and why is it Good News? We will explore the crux of God’s Good News and why it propels us to share it with others.

Pray with Passion (Thursday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Esteban Shedd and Taelor Gray

Do we really understand who we talk to and why when we pray? Is it easy to forget how important prayer is for sharing the Gospel with our “circle”? Prayer develops a disciples’ heart for others and God moves powerfully through His people’s prayers. We will dig deep into the power that God gives through learning a life of talking, listening, and obeying.

Pursue with Love (Friday 10:30-12:15) 

Presenter: Esteban Shedd and Taelor Gray

How can our eyes, ears, and hands help us dynamically show Jesus’ love? Pursuing people with love is effective evangelism and provides a powerful platform through our deeds to proclaim Christ. How does this look in your world?

Persuade with Truth (Friday 2:15-4:00) 

Presenter: Esteban Shedd and Taelor Gray

God has revealed His mystery to us – His redeeming truth of grace and forgiveness in Jesus. How do we speak about this news with our friends, family – even enemies? We will dialogue and be challenged together as to how we persuade others of the Gospel’s power as we have been persuaded ourselves.